About TACE

The mission of the Technical Assistance and Continuing Education (TACE) Center Region IV (Southeast TACE) is to provide technical assistance (TA) and continuing education (CE) activities that meet the strategic goals and program performance needs of state Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies and their community partners.

This is accomplished through the creation of and partnership with a resource network of subject matter experts within and outside the southeast region. The resource network is comprised of nationally recognized consultants, private and non-profit entities, and educators and researchers from universities such as University of Tennessee, Mississippi State University, University of South Florida, University of North Carolina, South Carolina State University, Hofstra University, and Syracuse University. Assistance is provided by means of a variety of modalities customized to the needs of the southeast VR community, including on-site training and facilitation, webinars and learning communities, interactive networks and conference presentations.

The areas of emphasis for the Southeast TACE are: employment outcomes for individuals whose disabilities are considered most significant; transition from school to work; executive leadership development; and core capacity building for VR agencies and their community partners.

The Southeast Region TACE Center is funded by the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA), of the U.S. Department of Education.

Key Strategies

  • Innovation Projects – Pilot projects in states to introduce or integrate effective practices. TACE provides project management, training, evaluation project summaries, and dissemination of findings and works with state agencies on strategies to sustain these programs over time.
  • Networks – Facilitated regional networks of state agency representatives interacting on a regular basis via conference calls, newsletters and webinars or learning series to assess and meet capacity-building needs, leverage resources and share information on effective practices. TACE currently facilitates regional networks on serving individuals with most significant disabilities, youth in transition from high school and individuals who are blind or visually impaired; as well as a network on fiscal management.
  • Learning Series – A topical series of webinars followed by small-group activities to support sustained learning, interaction and application of learnings.
  • Webinar Series – A series of webinars around a single topic that allow for a more in-depth presentation on topics about which states have expressed need or interest.
  • Topical Webinars – Single webinars focusing on topics related to regional needs and providing an overview, presenting effective practices and identifying resources for further information.
  • Business Series – A series of webinars for employers and the VR and community rehabilitation providers (CRP) staff who engage with them.
  • Job Development Exchange (JDX) – an online “marketplace” for vocational rehabilitation professionals to interact and access the information and tools they need to successfully engage with employers and learn about effective practices to overcome barriers to employment.
  • Asset Development Exchange (ADX) – an online “marketplace” for vocational rehabilitation professionals to interact and access the information and tools they need to successfully engage with financial community to help jobseekers overcome barriers to economic self-sufficiency.
  • Executive Leadership Development – Customized technical assistance delivered on site to state VR agencies and partners to build the capacity of key leaders and leadership teams to strategically plan and manage change.
  • Technical Assistance – Customized technical assistance to VR agencies and their partners in areas such as strategic planning, resource alignment and curriculum development.
  • Continuing Education – Customized training delivered onsite or via distance modalities in professional development areas such as comprehensive assessment, caseload management and ethics.
  • MyTACE – Allows participants to register for webinars and learning series as well as track their participation in Southeast TACE events and manage access to education credits.
  • Products
    • The Online Job Placement & Employment Toolkit – a web-based resource for professionals providing employment services for individuals with disabilities.
    • Web-blasts – newsletters issued monthly via email to network members and other subscribers.
    • Resource Materials – all powerpoints, handouts and reference documents from webinars, workshops and other presentations.
  • Conferences – Southeast TACE utilizes conferences to present on progress, interim outcomes and longer term outcomes of projects to regional and national audiences.