Innovations Proposal Process

Steps to propose and implement a project in your state

  1. Project Conception – Develop a model for an Innovations project to adopt a selected topic or best practice, such as customized employment, asset development, self-employment, transition services, customer choice, person directed services or community partnerships.
  2. Project Team – Demonstrate agency/partner commitment by designating a lead and a team to oversee and implement the project and articulating expectations and responsibilities of all parties.
  3. Implementation – Develop and agree on a work plan to guide implementation through all phases (pilot, replication, dissemination/sustainability).
  4. Capacity Building – Build capacity and specialized skills through training and technical assistance.
  5. Review/Evaluate – Collaborate with TACE to observe and assess progress; consider regulatory, policy and funding implications of adopting the practice; evaluate outcomes.
  6. Refinement, Sustainability – Collaborate with TACE to refine the practice and execute a sustainability plan identifying local, regional, and/or state systems change (regulation, policy, funding) that will support effective program continuation.
  7. Dissemination in the State – Determine how the practice will be disseminated and fully integrated; develop strategies for statewide implementation.

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