Asset Development Exchange (ADX)

Asset development focuses on building an individual’s resources to achieve or maintain financial stability. In Vocational Rehabilitation, asset development strategies and information can sometimes make the difference between an unsuccessful closure and a successful employment outcome. TACE’s Asset Development Exchange (ADX) is designed to provide counselors with the information and resources they need to assist clients in achieving financial stability and thereby improving employment outcomes and retention.

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Tools for Counselors

Practical and user-friendly resources for Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors (VRCs) to integrate asset building into counseling and guidance.

Why Financial Stability Matters in Vocational Rehabilitation
This article provides an overview of the importance of financial stability in vocational rehabilitation and presents options for VRCs to consider in factoring asset development into counseling and guidance. Companion tools and other resources are provided below.

Work Incentives Information Sheets for Vocational Rehabilitation
Many VR clients are concerned about losing their benefits if they go to work. There are many "work incentives" programs or rules that minimize the risk of losing benefits and make employment the better choice. They provide financial incentives for working or they allow the individual to save money without impacting benefits. Work incentives are available through the Social Security Administration, housing authorities and some community services. These information sheets provide information vocational rehabilitation counselors and their clients can use to make the most of work incentives.
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Use these SSI calculators to show clients who are on SSI what happens to their benefits when they return to work. Select the calculator for the work incentive(s) in question, such as Impairment Related Work Expense, PASS or Student Earned Income; enter the requested figures in the spreadsheet and let the calculator do the rest! Note that these are meant to illustrate the impact of earned income; they are not a replacement for benefits planning.

Financial Security in Your State
The Assets & Opportunity Scorecard looks at wealth, poverty and the financial security of families in the United States. See how well residents are faring and what your state can do to help them build and protect assets. The Scorecard provides state-by-state performance and policy measures in five Issue Areas: Financial Assets & Income, Businesses & Jobs, Housing & Homeownership, Health Care and Education. NEW! A recent addition to the site features data on the percentage of households with insufficient liquid assets to subsist at the poverty level.

TACE Asset Building Webinar Series
This series features national speakers on the topic of asset development and vocational rehabilitation. Each webinar highlights strategies to integrate financial stability into the rehabilitation conversation.
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Other Counselor Resources
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