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SSI Calculators: Impact of Earned Income on SSI Benefits

Use these SSI calculators to show clients who are on SSI what happens to their benefits when they return to work. Select the calculator for the work incentive(s) in question, such as Impairment Related Work Expense, PASS or Student Earned Income; enter the requested figures in the spreadsheet and let the calculator do the rest! Note that these are meant to illustrate the impact of earned income; they are not a replacement for benefits planning.

* The Student Earned Income Exclusion (SEIE) can be useful in helping minimize students' or families’ fears about the impact of working on Social Security Supplemental Income (SSI). If the student is under the age of 22 and regularly attending school he or she is eligible for the SEIE. This work incentive allows some of the student's gross income to be excluded when figuring the SSI payment amount. The SEIE decreases the amount of countable earned income, permitting the student to keep more of his or her SSI check when working. In many cases, the SEIE allows students to test their ability to work without experiencing any reduction in the SSI check at all. In 2013 an eligible student can exclude up to $1,730.00 per month with a yearly maximum of $6,960.00. A user-friendly handout for students and their families describes the SEIE in further detail. SEIE Handout for Students & Families