Publications & Presentations

TACE publications and presentations cover topics that are timely and relevant to technical assistance (TA) and continuing education (CE) activities and that meet the strategic goals and program performance needs of state Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies and their partners. Relevant products developed by non-TACE entities are listed on the Tools & Materials webpage.


TACE develops monthly newsletters and other materials as needed in the course of our work with VR agencies and partners.

Monthly newsletters are compiled for two of TACE’s Regional Networks, providing valuable information and resources to network members and non-members alike. They offer descriptions of creative local practices, tips for VR counselors, success stories and resource links, and report on national news and trends. In addition to being disseminated via electronic web-blast, these newsletters are posted and archived on the respective network websites. The two newsletters include:



In addition to webinars and other distance learning opportunities, TACE staff and consultants make conference presentations on topics of interest to VR professionals. Presentation materials may be accessed here.

Help or Alternate Format?

TACE publications are offered in various formats to meet diverse learning styles and individual needs. Alternate formats for materials are available upon request.

Contact Southeast TACE for questions and requests on materials customized to the specific needs of your group, agency or company.