Southeast TACE Resource Network

TACE accomplishes its mission through partnerships with a resource network of subject matter experts within and outside the southeast region. The resource network is comprised of nationally recognized consultants, private and non-profit entities, and university educators and researchers. This cadre of national experts teams with TACE staff to support TACE´s four regional networks and provide consultation in a wide variety of disabilities and vocational rehabilitation content areas.

Regional Networks


Serving Individuals with Most Significant Disabilities (MSD)

Blindness & Visual Impairment (BVI)

Fiscal Management

Additional Resources

Assistive  Technology

Counselor Competencies

Job Development/Placement
Caseload Management
Comprehensive Assessment
Capacity Building
Disability Policy Analysis and Development
Distance Learning

Emerging Populations

Blindness/Deaf Blindness
Ex- Offenders
Traumatic Brain Injury
Psychiatric Disabilities
Executive Leadership
Independent Living