TACE Resource Expert

Norciva Shumpert, Consultant

Norciva Shumpert is a private consultant working with Marc Gold & Associates (MGA) and Employment For All, a non-profit organization committed to employment for all persons. She has been working as a consultant since 1993 in various states with organizations, families, and state entities regarding employment for persons with significant disabilities, transition, self-employment, community life opportunities, system reorganization, IDAs, and self directed services. She has worked with several national/state initiatives with the Department of Labor (DOL), Social Security Administration (SSA), and state and local provider agencies to redesign services to support blended/braided resources & funding, to implement customized employment and self employment services, and to increase self determination and the usage of generic systems for all persons.

Recently she coordinated one of the Social Security Administration’s seven national youth transition process demonstration projects, the Mississippi Youth Transition Innovation project (MYTI). This was an interagency project sponsored by the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services implemented in several school districts and the Workforce Investment Network (WIN) Job Centers. She has provided technical assistance for federal agencies such as the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) at the Department of Labor (DOL), schools and training consortiums across the country including the National Consortium on Deaf and Blindness, and the Southeastern Region IV Technical Assistance and Continuing Education (TACE Region IV) Center. She currently is consulting with other such innovative projects as the Alaska Start Up entrepreneurial initiative and their Department of Public Assistance Families First! Initiative, the Rural Illinois Customized Employment Sustainability (RICES) Project, the New York Medicaid Infrastructure Grant (MIG) and multiple other state initiatives that focus on customized employment.

Consultation includes conference presentations, “think tank” facilitations, onsite training and mentoring/modeling services, webinars, and system consults with goals of typically building a system capacity for the provision of employment services to persons with significant disabilities.

Prior to private consulting she worked part time with the national United Cerebral Palsy Association (UCPA) directing or co-directing national employment projects such as the UCPA/Department of Labor, “One Stop to Success” project, a national project designed to facilitate persons with significant disabilities to receive customized employment in a one-stop center, the Choice Access Project, one of seven demonstration projects in the nation funded as a result of the 1992 Amendments to the Rehabilitation Act, a 40-site national Projects with Industry (PWI) project in the early ‘90's that employed over 1,000 persons with significant disabilities. Prior to working nationally she worked in the state of Mississippi in various agencies and organizations coordinating services to foster children, children at risk, children with mental health issues, and children and adults with disabilities in multiple environments.  She has co authored multiple publications in transition and customized employment. She resides in Gautier, Mississippi and works out of the MGA office there.